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We live in the countryside of Poznań. I love all the animals but my favourite ones are dogs.
Since I can remember dogs have always been in our house. My adventure with dogs started in 1996, when me and my parents bought our first Bernardin bitch from Karolewko kennel. We were dealing with this breed for over a dozen years. After short break I was charmed with Beagle breed. First Beagle bitch moved in our house in 2006. She was called DARLING Rodzina Asteriksa FCI alias Puma. One year later I bought next bitch - COROLLA ENGLISH Matricaria FCI. Next year, dog TYTAN Adanturia joined us. With my breed alias from Mosińskie Ranczo FCI I have got two bitches - ROMA and JAMAJKA, who are Corolla’s daughters.
Our dogs are rightful members of our family. They live and go on holidays with us.
I would like to share my future with beagle breed forever, have beautiful and healthy puppies, who can give their new owners as much love and unforgettable moment as they give me.

More than welcome
Agata Szczygieł

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